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SENTRI Pass for Children

SENTRI pass for ChildrenIf you would like to cross the US-Mexico border with your family, it is essential that you obtain SENTRI passes for your children as well. All children under 18 need approval of a parent or legal guardian in order to apply for a SENTRI pass.

Border Crossing will processes SENTRI application forms for children free of charge ONLY IF they are accompanied by the application of a parent or another adult paying for the service. If you are applying for your child only, please follow this link.

 Print Application

How do I apply for my child?

If you are sending an adult’s application together with your child’s, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the Print application button. Download and fill in the application form.

Step 2: Send the form together with the adult application via e-mail to: or fax: (305) 675-0780.

Please note that children between 14 and 18 will have to pay a $14.50 fingerprint fee at their SENTRI interview. Also, at the interview they need to be accompanied by their parent or guardian who has to provide documents proving they have the custodial right to take the child out of the country. All documents will be scrutinized by authorized SENTRI personnel. In case you share the custody of your children, it is recommended that you carry copies of legal documents. Also, it is preferable to have a legal letter including the parents’ fill name, address and phone number stating that you can take the child on a trip out of the country. This letter is an official document confirming that the child is not taken against their will or abducted. If you are traveling with children, you will be asked questions about them at the border and your vehicle may be inspected carefully, as customs officers are very strict about abducted or missing children.

What is the processing time?

Processing time varies by applicant, but on average you can expect your application to be processed within 3-5 months. The vetting process cannot be expedited.

The benefits of using Border Crossing Service:

  • Once we receive your payment, you are our client and we will make everything to make sure your application is correctly submitted to CBP for review.We will remind you to send application in case you forget to do it.
  • Our agents will review application in detail to make sure it is completed accurately and mistake-free as required by CBP. We will notify you by email if information is missing or is incorrect.
  • Our agents will assist you in completing your application and sending it to us if required;
  • In case we notice any issues with your particular application, we will give you specific tips to troubleshoot any potential problems.
  • Our experts submit your application to the government for you, you need not worry about the correct forms procedure;
  • We will  keep in touch to explain what to expect next. You will never have to wander “now what?”
  • We will give you updates on your status with BP upon request
  • We respond promptly to all questions from clients by email, always within 1 business day.

In case you wish to apply with the government directly, please click here.

Before purchasing the SENTRI pass service, please refer to our Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and  Refund Policy.