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Global Entry Membership Requirements

global entry membership requirementsGlobal Entry is available only to pre-screened, low-risk travelers. In order to apply for Global Entry, you must be one of the following:

  1. A US citizen
  2. A US permanent resident
  3. A Canadian citizen (through the NEXUS program)
  4. A Canadian permanent resident (through the NEXUS program)
  5. A Dutch citizen
  6. A South Korean citizen
  7. A Mexican national

 All applicants must possess a machine-readable passport or a permanent resident card (PR card). Children under 18 can join only if they have the consent of a parent or a legal guardian.

Applicants may not qualify for a Global Entry program membership if they:

  • Provide false or incomplete information on the application;
  • Have been convicted of a criminal offense;
  • Have violated any customs, immigration or agriculture laws in any country;
  • Are inadmissible to the USA under immigration regulation;
  • Cannot prove their low-risk status


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