Border Crossing is a private document processing center and it is not affiliated with any government body. We offer paid assistance with travel card services offered by the government. You can obtain travel cards by using us or going to the government directly. Our expertise is to explain the government jargon and simplify your traveler card application process. You are welcome to learn more about Border Crossing by visiting our Home, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages.

Refund Policy

refund policyThis refund policy is based on our understanding of ethical practices. Our customers have the right to cancel our service if they have made a payment but have not submitted their application form.  In this case you do not need to call your bank – just email us immediately and we will refund your fee within 24 hours.

Once the  application form has been submitted to the US government online system and you have been notified of this through email by one of our agents no refund will be possible. Please check your email and spam folder for an email from us before you send us a refund request.

We believe the logic behind this policy is simple: we state clearly who we are, what our service is  and what our fees are. We inform you about the total fees before you choose to make a payment. In case you make a payment and send us your application form, one of our agents is assigned with the file and has to do all thee work associated with submitting the application form to CBP for review. We are a business organization and we have to pay our agents for the work they do – and we cannot do so if you ask for a refund after we have provided the service you paid us for. We believe this is a question of ethics and fairness.

In case your application is denied by the US government agency because you had a criminal conviction or law violation or failed to provide correct information to us as required to obtain your travel document, no refund will be possible. Also, we cannot refund fees paid to government agencies.