Border Crossing is a private document processing center and it is not affiliated with any government body. We offer paid assistance with travel card services offered by the government. You can obtain travel cards by using us or going to the government directly. Our expertise is to explain the government jargon and simplify your traveler card application process. You are welcome to learn more about Border Crossing by visiting our Home, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages.

Renew Your FAST Pass

Renew your FAST cardFAST pass is designed to simplify border crossings for commercial drivers while enhancing security. The FAST pass is valid for 5 years. You can apply for a renewal one year before your FAST pass’ expiration date. If a renewal request is filed before expiration, a FAST pass remains valid beyond its printed expiration date until a new card is activated or the renewal is denied. Before buying our service please make sure you agree with our Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and  Refund Policy

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How to apply?

There are just three steps you need to take in order to renew your FAST pass with us:

Step 1: Pay Border Crossing services fee by clicking on the Pay Now button. After we establish your GOES profile, we will give you a link to pay the $50 government fee for background and security checks.

Step 2: Click on the Print application button and fill out one application per applicant.

Step 3: Send the form via e-mail to: or fax: (305) 675-0780. Please check your email (including your spam folder) for further instructions from us.

What happens next?

Once we receive your FAST pass application and payment, we will assign your case to one of our agents. They will carefully check your application for consistence with CBP requirements. They will then create a profile for you in the government system and enter your data. Once your profile is complete, we will email you your ID and password so you can access your profile and finalize your application by paying the CBP fee with your credit card. When you receive a conditional approval notification, you will be able to schedule your interview at one of the FAST enrollment centers.

Please note that we cannot guarantee your FAST program approval. You may be denied in case you have a criminal record, an immigration violation or you provided false information on your application form.

FAST pass renewal costs

The FAST pass will cost you a total of USD 169.95. The USD 119.95 service fee is payable to Border Crossing services. You will be able to pay the $50 government fee after we enter your data into the GOES system. You will see two separate fees on your bank statement.

Service Fee
Border Crossing Service fee $ 119.95
CBP fee for 5 year membership $ 50.00
Total cost $ 169.95


The benefits of using Border Crossing Service:

  • Once we receive your payment, you are our client and we will make everything to make sure your application is correctly submitted to CBP for review.We will remind you to send application in case you forget to do it.
  • Our agents will review application in detail to make sure it is completed accurately and mistake-free as required by CBP. We will notify you by email if information is missing or is incorrect.
  • Our agents will assist you in completing your application and sending it to us if required;
  • In case we notice any issues with your particular application, we will give you specific tips to troubleshoot any potential problems.
  • Our experts submit your application to the government for you, you need not worry about the correct forms procedure;
  • We will keep in touch to explain what to expect next. You will never have to wander “now what?”
  • We will give you updates on your status with BP upon request
  • We respond promptly to all questions from clients by email, always within 1 business day.

In case you wish to apply with the government directly, please click here.

Before purchasing the FAST pass service, please refer to our Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy